Brindle Boxer Joins The Family

Last week, Clyde came to live with us.  He's part Boxer, the color is brindle, which is one of those things I kind of knew, and kind of didn't know.  He's dominating our lives right now, of course.  The boys love him, my wife loves him, and I like him.  He's a nice little guy.  And strange, in a way. He can be very calm, at times, and likes to just hang out with us, but if he gets a little wound up, he can get almost totally out of control.  There is no 'in between' with him.  I'm not going to say something corny like "He's completed our family!", but he has definitely added a new interesting dimension, and loving a pet really adds something(?) to your life.  Look at that face.  Just look at that damned face.


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